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The Bottega

Among the oldest and most prestigious historic local in Italy, the “Bottega” has a long history that has its roots in the sixteenth century, the Venetian Republic period, when it was Osteria Shield of France. Later, in the eighteenth century, it became the Biedermeier by the Austrians at Verona and from 1890 Bottega del Vino.

DSince 2011 is the love for Verona pushed The Amarone Families to purchase the Restaurant, it became The Antica Bottega del Vino.

History not only Italian, not even French or Austrian.

It’s Verona History…

History and Photogallery

The cellar

Welcome to the Temple of Wine


Antica Bottega del Vino offers one of the best wine list in Italy.
From 1996 to 2003 obtained by the magazine "Wine Spectator" the prize "Excellence Wine Spectator" and from 2004 to 2015 the award "Wine Spectator Grand Award", having wines from all over Italy, but also from Europe and the rest of the world.

Enjoyable at the Bottega or easily at home with our new wine-shop service.

The kitchen

The menu of The Bottega is the spirit of the tradition of Verona and Veneto, where the quality of raw materials is always the protagonist ....


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The gastronomy

Antica Bottega del Vino is not just a Restaurant, but a place to meet friends for a drink, trying at the counter our famous "cicchetteria”


Amarone Families







  L’Associazione Locali Storici alla Bottega Vini Verona 7 maggio 2017 – 
05 July 17
    Le Famiglie dell’Amarone d’Arte e l'Accademia del Barolo Un incontro
03 February 17
La Bottega tra gli 11 ristoranti dove vale la pena di andare almeno una volta
06 December 16
La Bottega del Vino ha aderito al progetto "Un'Amatriciana per Amatrice" nato
16 November 16
  Siamo orgogliosi di aver meritato anche quest'anno, per il tredicesimo anno
08 July 16
La prima serie dedicata al mondo del vino, prodotta da Infinity,  ha dedicato
05 July 16
Serata spagnola alla Bottega del Vino con  
05 March 16
Il direttore della Bottega, Luca Nicolis, sarà a Tokyo al Ristorante "Il
21 January 16
Mercoledi 16 dicembre in Bottega serata dedicata allo Champagne KRUG e a ai
18 December 15



open every day
from 11.00 to 1.00


open every day
from 12.00
to 23.00


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The Bottega del Vino is located in a side street of the historic shopping street of Verona: Via Mazzini, within easy walking distance.
By car we recommend the parking Arena and Cittadella
In Taxi by calling 045 532666
You can access the old town by car at certain times


Address: Via Scudo di Francia, 3
Phone Number: +39 045 8004535

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